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As time goes on, fewer and fewer young men are willing to break the mold on early adulthood and go on the road to see what they can see. And it’s a crying shame, too, man; with each passing generation Kerouac’s work loses the influence and verve it once had. Nobody hops a train anymore, let alone hitchhike (and we’ve all got goddam’ iPhones now for Chrissakes anyway) so we’ll never know the true pleasure of getting lost, getting loaded, and finding out who we really are along the way back home.


The YouTube comment section has long been considered the worst place on the internet. You won’t find much consensus about anything online, but one thing pretty much everyone can agree on — including, seemingly, the people at YouTube itself — is that the user-generated content beneath practically every video is a semi-literate cesspool. But for the last year I’ve been increasingly discovering — thanks in part to a longer-than-usual lull in employment — that everyone was wrong.

Wasting time looking up old songs, I’d sometimes glance at the comments below the videos and idly wonder at their inanity. But occasionally I would see something different — something that seemed more real, more honest than the usual white noise. I didn’t do much more than file them away mentally, but one day a comment on a James Blunt song (I swear I have no idea how I got there) stopped me in my tracks:

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This is really wonderful.

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People will kill you over time, and how they’ll kill you is with tiny, harmless phrases, like ‘be realistic.’

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Hollywood, 1978

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eh, im done with this. daily updates are now what instagram is for. but i will say that i’m having a great summer and really taking advantage of my beach life. i bought a journal in early 2012 to write down one thing each day to remember/be thankful for/bore my kids with and i think im going to use it to log summer 2013….it’s bound to be a grand one!


-Ryan’s bday festivities include: dinner in BK with Kate and Jess, drinks at Campbell Apartment and Budweiser office, dinner at Blue Smoke, Governors Ball with mud. Tons of fucking mud. 

-Asbury Park for Frank Turner! Best dancing ever. 

-Really working on my 4 agreements. I’ve been in need of them.

-Thai Curry Mussels in my Lobster Pots! At home treats.

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